is a five-piece Posthardcore band from northern germany.

Through different musical influences and experiences in other bands,

they combine several styles to create their very own sound.


RELEASE: JAN 25th 2017 (single version)


is a Metal-Band from Leer (Germany) that was founded in 2012. On their first EP WHAT REMAINS that was released in 2013 the band played a more classic style of Hardcore with New Metal elements, which can be recognized with hard and low e-guitars and stomping percussions. As time goes by the music further developed and with songs like Darkness-Bringer and Still Digging                                                                                                                                                                                    were more and more influenced by Thrash Metal elements.


RELEASE: FEB. 24th 2017















is a five-piece Hardcore band from Dresden - Germany.

The guys founded the band in 2016, trying to combine all the influences they love within the music they play.

"No matter where you´re from, no matter what shirt you´re wearing, no matter what skin-colour or sexuality you have, no matter what....everyone ist welcome at a NEXT STEP DOWN show" (Except you´re a racist fucker!)


RELEASE: AUG. 04th 2017
















Weathered is a german hardcore band formed in June 2014. Some old and new friends, loving to hit the road.

Their songs tell about good and bad things in everyones life and to question everything, but never to give up what you believe in.

After over 40 shows, supporting some well known bands like Walls of Jericho or Born from Pain, they kick off their first Album. 


RELEASE: OCT. 13th. 2017



    Dagger Thread is as five piece hardcore band from Hamburg, Germany formed in late 2015. Since then the band released a 4 song EP called "History Repeats" and played several shows across Germany with different bands. Heavy riffs, stomping bass and drums and angry vocals are the significant parts in the sound of DT.
    RELEASE: DEC. 08th 2017
















            RELEASE: MAR. 08th 2018




















RELEASE: JUL. 06th 2018
















SWAN SONGS are 4piece from Münster, Germany who play Songs that faint, fade and wail while they blast, burst and prevail


RELEASE: JUL. 5th 2019